Cover to Cover #420A: Marjorie M. Liu

A Wild Light by Marjorie M. Liu

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Mike S gives us an update on his stint at GenCon this year.

Voicemails: Jay from Canada thanks Stackpole for not DRMing his ebooks; Tim has found that Darcy has been absconding with his books; Web Genii recommends the Hugo Voter packet, which gives folks the Hugo nominees in electronic formats as well as voting rights, but she has issues with the formatting of some of the books;

Interview: This week, Mike and Mike welcome Marjorie M. Liu back on the show to talk about her latest novel, A Wild Light, the latest volume in the Hunter Kiss series, following the battles of Maxine Kiss. In this story Maxine has to battle the darkness within herself, and she's not so sure she will hold onto herself and win.

She also talks about how important it is for a writer to follow their instincts when writing and especially when rewriting, and how she incorporates social media and social networking to engage with her fans and readers (and warns about the addictive nature of Twitter)

Official website: Marjorie M. Liu
Twitter: @marjoriemliu

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  1. Thanks for running my promo for Cast Macabre guys. Since the episode aired my subscriber count has doubled. This promo thing really works! 🙂

    As usual, another great episode. It makes me so annoyed to hear about publishers mucking up mobile ebook formats. It seems like such an easy thing to get right compared to the blood, sweat, and tears that go into putting all the words in the right order in the first place.