Cover to Cover #414A: C. J. Cherryh

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Garth comments on the craft of writing as expressed by Brandon Sanderson in his recent interview; Dave also appreciated Brandon's interview, and asks what type of writing career might be preferable -- your own universe or someone else's; Anna calls shenanigans on the closed system analogy expressed by the guys on touting the iPad's functionality; Tim Low respectfully complains about the iPad gushing, and isn't sold on it's usability in education

Interview: CJ Cherryh joins us this week! Her most recent book is Deceiver, the 11th book in the Foreigner series, and she explains how the original trilogy continued to grow and expand, and breaking the series down into sub-trilogies in order to make it easier for new readers to jump in.

She also talks about the Closed Circle Project, a collaborative venture with authors Lynn Abbey and Jane Fancher, where they are putting their own backlist works back in print electronically, with their own cover art and illustrations, helping each other edit works, and even continuing series that fans were still interested in reading long after the publishing houses no longer had any interest.

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  1. Hi the Michaels,

    When was the last time either of you used a mature Linux version like Ubuntu 10.04? It's as easy to play about with Mac OS X and mess it up as Windows or Ubuntu if you have a mind to do so, equally Ubuntu 10.04 works and does what it says on the can. Remember Apple only have to make Mac OS X work with their own hardware and they pre-install it as do most suppliers of Windows based PCs. Ubuntu 10.04 is a mature, stable and very functional operating system that ships with the equivalent of thousands of dollars worth of high quality application software and is a doddle to install or run from a Live CD or USB memory stick.
    If you're going to talk about technology then get the facts correct and unbiasedly presented.

  2. Now here is a point of view that should be of interest to ALL writers of SF and the readers as well.


    Read, cogitate, digest, ruminate, and then expound...

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      But that is the same feed that iTunes has been using since it first came along, as well... is there something wrong with your subscription?

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  5. WebGenii says

    Loved the interview. The one question I was curious about - has her work ever been optioned for film? When I make my own lists of SF that really should be made into a movie, her work is at the top.
    (Starship Troopers appears nowhere on that list).